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Issues during the 2022 election

Authorized by the CFO for the Mario G. Racco Campaign

Dear Vaughan Local and Regional Councillor Candidates,


I have one simple question for each of you to help inform my family’s decision in the upcoming election… Upon taking office, will you take the immediate step to remove the vaccine policy currently in effect

at the City of Vaughan for all employees?


I very much appreciate your time and wish you good luck.



Hi Lino,


I believe that the current vaccine policy is not needed any more & should be removed.

To be fair & reasonable, I will have a discussion with the Region Health department to make sure that is reasonable to do that.


Mario G. Racco

Candidate - Local and Regional Councillor

The potential Hw. 413 has been decided already by Vaughan Council.

That is not to build it. The Region of York is in favour of building it.

The province indicated that they would build it.

I have knowledge of it, but no technical reports to give me enough information on what is best for Vaughan.

It is easy to say yes or no, but once we are given all the information, we may find out that our position may not be in the best interest of Vaughan. I do not want to be called a flip flop as someone has been called today on Hw. 413.

I do appreciate that my answer may not be what you were looking for, but I feel it is the mot honest answer that I can give you today.

Science before political benefit.



Mario G. Racco

Hello Po,


Presently, I am not elected to public office.

I have spoken about the importance of keeping farmland to produce the food that we need/want. I also have spoken about the importance of having green space for recreation use and to have a healthier environment.

I was the only member of Council, around 1990, that voted against a developer proposal to keep around 200 acres of unbuildable land. I argued that it is normal practise to give that land, for free, to the MTRCA. At the end, the matter went to the OMB and later the developer backed off and the land is used by the city to provide some recreation activities.



Mario G. Racco

Candidate – Local and Regional Councillor

Dear DMG,


I encourage you to visit my website at for more details about my priorities and my qualifications.


In short, I believe the major issues for Vaughan include:

  • Planning - particularly ensuring that we use land that has been designated for high density before building in other areas.

  • Security - making major changes on how the Police Services Board is run. I would start by eliminating any elected representatives on the York Region Police Services Board.

  • Public Health - taking direction from frontline workers (doctors, nurses, health experts) on what is needed to improve the system, always based on science.

  • Education - working with school boards to ensure that schools and teachers have the resources they need to provide high quality education.

  • Reducing red tape - to improve Vaughan's finances and make it easier for businesses to start up and thrive.

  • Transportation - building on my own track record of spearheading the subway extension into Vaughan.

  • Leadership - ensuring that Council represents all the citizens of Vaughan, not just a few influential developers.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Mario G. Racco

Candidate – Local and Regional Councillor, Vaughan


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