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Authorized by the CFO for the Mario G. Racco Campaign

Mario is always around the community doing what he knows so well – enrich and inspire. He provides attention and support to all who approach him, always with open heart and ear. Mario is a lifelong dedicated messenger to the community.  Good to remember that Mario is the one who started the process to establish a committee to lobby for the subway in Vaughan! A subway which is highly successful for so many in Vaughan nowadays. 

— Maya Goldenberg B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Thornhill Resident 

Holocaust and Revival TLV-CAN 2010 Chair

Mario is a strong supporter of affordable housing and has continued over the years to remain involved in fighting to maintain a healthy and diverse community. He has always had an open-door policy and if he is not able to provide the answer or solution to a question or problem, he would get you in touch with the expert and still follow-up to ensure that everything worked out well. Another positive thing about Mario is, his commitment to attending as many events as his schedule will allow even if it is just for a few minutes. I fully support his desire to run as a Local and Regional Councillor and I am proud to know him and have him living in our community.


Rosenda Brown 

President, Eamon Park Co-operative

What distinguishes Mario is his passion, his energy, and his genuine desire to serve the people of his constituency - his willingness to go beyond the parameters of his official duties. Over the many years, in or out of political office, Mario has continued to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to our community. This is demonstrated by his constant visibility, his quick response to calls made by constituents, by his presence at community events or simply dropping in, unannounced at the local community centre, to say hello to a seniors group playing a friendly game of cards or a serious game of bocce. All these qualities make Mario an ideal candidate as Regional and Local Councillor.  He is deserving of our full support. 

Gino Muia 

President, Glen Shields Ratepayers Association

I have known Mario Racco for over 25 years, in my capacity as a community activist. Mario’s endless

passion and commitment to the residents of Vaughan has been evident through his constant

involvement and support of community issues, in his various roles as a Vaughan MPP, Local and Regional

Councillor and Ratepayer President. Though Mario lives in Thornhill, his support and commitment to

Woodbridge and the rest of Vaughan has always been apparent. Mario makes the time and effort to fully

understand the concerns of Vaughan residents and he works with the community to address and resolve

the issues. Mario cares about Vaughan and he continues to work hard to ensure that Vaughan is a great

place to live, work and play.

Nadia Magarelli,

Community Activist


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